“You are what you repeatedly do”

When talking about transformation at any scale in any organization one must tap into the field of organizational culture and take on the quest for changing something so engraved in all our lives: Habits.

As Aristotle beautifully put:

you are what you repeatedly do.”

And any organization with time becomes what they repeat, day after day, week after week, year after year.

Rest assured, that can be changed.

In the Habit Change Literature Review by Duke University Center for Advanced Hindsight, the authors put forward comprehensive evidence from scientific literature on changing habits and how habits can be measured.

What habits do you think have enslaved your organization to be mundane?

Any of it would you be willing to change? Share with us your thoughts.



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Cigdem Tongal

Cigdem Tongal

Helping organizations measure and narrate the impact/value of their work @ HMD. Interested in Value-based Impact Assessment I Storytelling I Art of Hosting